Call of the void, originated from french “L'appel du vide”, an expression that describes the sudden urge to jump off a cliff, crash a car or get in front of a train.
It´s been said an urge to jump affirms the urge to live.

Choreographer Nicole Neidert
Dancer Anton Borgström
Lightdesigner Joakim Envik Karlsson
Composers Franz Edvard Cedrins & Oli Svenblad
Extratrack ”Crying”, by Daniele Mana
Costume Linnea Bågander
Artistic advice Linda Adami and Jefta Van Dinther
Dance and thoughts in process Louise Perming, Linn Ragnarsson
Popping assisting excellence Yared Cederlund
Light consultant Anton Andersson
Documentation film Erwin Semler
Photography Jim de Block
Co-production Dansens Hus and Dansnät Sverige
Supported by Bora Bora Residency Center, Konstnärsnämnden, Kulturrådet.
Research at Uferstudios, Berlin July/August 2019.
Work in Progress presented at Kungsbacka Teater Sep 2019 at Halländsk Dansplattform.Residency at Riksteatern, Barn & Unga LAB Dec/Jan.

Touring spring 2023 with Dansnät Sverige.

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